Intensive Testimonials

Intensive Testimonials

People don’t really understand why I’m so obsessed with handstands…

People don’t really understand why I’m so obsessed with handstands…

So hi! My name is Genevieve Beaulieu, I’m coming from Montreal, Canada. I am a yoga teacher, so I’ve been doing yoga for maybe 6/7 years, but I’ve been kind of obsessed with handstands for about 2 years.

So, the training has been really amazing, it’s nice to come to a place where you can meet people, have the same passion, have the same fire as you. I’ve been training alone for a lot and people don’t really understand why I’m so obsessed with handstands and here everyone understands, they just want to train and be upside down and it’s really incredible to have this power, this energy.

I think I’m most proud of how quickly I can apply the tips I’ve been given, I haven’t been given a lot of tips recently because I’ve been training alone, so being given those tips to just do it on the spot has just really made me proud because I saw, on my self, the evolution that happened really quickly, so yeah, I’m pretty proud of what I can do.

I think my favourite thing about TADAH is the for sure the nature around here, I feel like I’m away from the city, I feel energised by this natural environment. The cold pool, natural pool is great, the food is great, it’s really relaxing, it’s really zen. I love it here.

What I’m taking back from here, what I think I’m bringing is a lot of energy, a lot of passion, a lot of fire. Even more than what I had! A lot of tips, a lot of excitement about handstands, which I used to have lots, but now it’s multiplied! I’m thinking, a lot of love from everyone around here, this energy and this community I think I’m taking with me.

I will take a lot of knowledge about how to progress for myself, but as well for my students and for my clients

I will take a lot of knowledge about how to progress for myself, but as well for my students and for my clients.

Hi, my name is Margaret.

I’m coming from Poland and um, I’ve been into gymnastics and handbalancing for a while now.

This is my fifth event with motionimpulse right now, I think it’s been going so well because of that.

Because of their coaching, because of their approach and because of the amazing team they have with them. So it’s been four days of the Push Harder retreat and we are really sore, every one of us. I think we love it so much, but basically it hurts.

I’m thinking that it’s supposed to hurt though, so we are right on track. The attitude here, the community here, the amazing souls, the amazing people here make everything a little bit easier, and the support we’re having from the teachers and from other members of the retreat is amazing, just amazing.

So this week, I’m proud of a few things because I came here thinking I’m going to be like one of the weakest links here because I’m just starting with the Push Harder program and I thought I’m not going to be ready, but because of good coaching and just the right suggestions, just for me, for example, I’ve been able to do better flagging, I’ve been able to do pike press, which I’ve never been able to do pike press, and I’m super happy about that.

TADAH as a place, is a gathering of beautiful souls, simply, it’s just fantastic. The food, the house, the garden, the pool, the studio, everything is amazing! Everything is fantastic.

From this week, I will take a lot of knowledge about how to progress, how to build up my own workouts, how to build up my own training, but as well for my students, for my clients that I work with, I will have a bunch of ready to go and ready to test elements, exercises, approaches, that are really going to make a difference for them.

The serenity, the beauty, and the greenery…

The serenity, the beauty, and the greenery…

Hi.. (laughter) My name is Katie Mckenney. I come from Portland, Oregon and I started handstanding about a year ago, so in August of 2018. I’d done a little bit in yoga, before I started training full time, full time handstanding!

I like the training here at the Push Harder retreat, mainly because I feel like connecting with the community of other handbalancers has been the biggest benefit for me. I train alone a lot, so having the people around to kind of poke at you and show you things, like you may be training the same drills that you train at home but once you have people actually kind of hands on and working with you, then it just makes so much more sense and, yeah.

Not only that but I feel like I’ve been able to kind of push myself physically to limits that I wouldn’t normally be able to do, while training by myself.

So far, it’s only half way through the training, but what I’m most proud of, I would say, has been in some of my mobility gains, not thinking I’m the most mobile or flexible person and getting into the deepest form of my pancake or even into the backbending things like that, is what I’ve been most proud of.

My favourite thing about TADAH and the surrounding areas is that just the serenity, the beauty and the greenery, it’s beautiful natural lighting here. Uh, yeah it just feels like a community and kind of like a home.

What I’m taking home with me from this training? I think is mainly friendships and community and people I’ll always have connections with and obviously a ton of new skills and drills and things to train on my own and kind of hopefully work on throughout the next year and come back next year and nail it! (laughter)

It’s weird stuff, handstands.

Hello, my name is Kai, I’m from Germany, I did gymnastics as a kid and I went to martial arts for a long long time and I found yoga for me and of course in yoga the most impressive asana is the handstand. So I found handstanding for me and since 2015, I’m on this journey and I like it.

So, I’m in a really lucky situation because I did first the Push and the Push Harder retreat now and so far it’s amazing. In both groups there were amazing people so far and we had a super time!

I’m super proud to be here, to have made it, to get past all these ideas of that I’m not good enough for it through and to just went here and met creative people and do the things we love to do: stand on the hands and enjoy the journey, don’t think about “after the two weeks my one arm will be there, because I paid for it” now it’s just about having a good time, having new ideas for your program for the next 6 months, 6 years, who knows?

So I really like to be here at TADAH, because it’s more like a family place, like a circus place. Where it’s more about the humans and not so much the other stuff.

So from this retreat I take home, the reminder that life is too short and it’s not about getting all the stuff, it’s about enjoying the journey, have a good time, yeah… Surround yourself with a good community and that’s it! That’s what it’s all about!

I think it’s going to take more than this week to really understand what you’ve actually learned here.

I think it’s going to take more than this week to really understand what you’ve actually learned here.

So, I’m Fernando, I’m 25, I’m from Munich and I’ve been doing handstands for like 8 years maybe and I was introduced to it through yoga but it really quickly took another path.

So the training here reminds me a little of a camp, like a training camp. 2 sessions a day, a lot of space in between but good food, enough sleep. It’s not too early, so it’s not draining in that sense but I think it’s really at the right amount of training.

You could say that it’s a bit too much and at home I would change it up with different stuff but for a training camp, or for a week that’s solely focused on handstands, it’s a really sweet spot.

Also, the stuff where you need to be fresh and focused, the handstands are in the morning, but actually it’s more like midday, so not too early. So your body is somewhat loose, but you’re not unfocused.

There is a lot of time to do more, or to ask more questions, apart from the classes. Maybe you could implement more time where you could just talk about stuff and ask questions, as there are two teachers here and they know a lot and you can, like, all the information you get through the classes is really a lot. I think it’s going to take more than this week to really understand what you’ve actually learned here.

When I was starting here, I actually was not so prepared like I could have been, I was not training one arm stuff so much, like I could have. The information that I’ve got and the way I got back into training was in 3 days, I got to a higher level than I was before, like the high level was today: I was on the canes, I tried the canes for the first time and was not thinking about too much, but I was really giving it a go and letting it happen, like they are saying “letting it happen” putting the weight, going through the steps and it just happened. I did not do more, the whole room was focused around the one try, the random try, everyone is doing handstands around but everybody knew this was a good attempt and Mikael screamed “Stay like this! Stay like this!” and I did, and I dropped back to the middle and it was a solid 3 second hold on that side and it was crazy.

Favourite thing about this place for me is really that the environment totally supports what you’re trying to do here, the studio is somewhat neutral, so you could dance here, or juggle, or you could do handstands, like it’s actually perfect for handstands, you have the mirror, you have loads of space and its bright. You get the light in and I like that. The food is crazy, it’s always enough and it’s really good and everything, every little detail is really good.

What I’m taking home from this, is a lot of information that I have to process and but really, it’s a lot of information but on the other hand, it’s pretty simple. For me, until today I got a few tips that are simple but are really going to carry me along for a long time. I’ve never seen so many people try handstands, or try one arm handstands. You talk about the information, you see it in other people and you try for yourself. So you, make a leap that you would not get close to in your home environment. So I think this is like the perfect way to really understand the material, to get better yourself, to understand it and to, for me personally, to maybe teach people better. So it’s an experience, you grow with it and when you get back home, you’re probably changed a little.

I have been loving the training here every day!

I have been loving the training here every day!

I have been doing handstands for almost four years, and I have been doing both the retreats so far (Push and Push Harder) , almost through the second one and I’m from the US.

I have been loving the training here every day! Two classes a day plus eating and learning all the things and getting bendy and I’m much better at handstands.

What am I most proud of in training so far? Um… oooh.. Being able to not get mad at myself, for the times that I fail. I have not really been that frustrated with myself when I’m here, but when I do get frustrated I get the whole “it’s okay”, so that’s been nice.

My favourite thing about TADAH and their surroundings? Mm.. probably the people. I really like the people here and being around the nature and all the upcycling and everything and the chicken, even though his voice is just terrible. I still like him (laughter) he’s cool.

What am I going to take back from this retreat in training? Self confidence and self love (laughter), and uh, a lot more like things to work on and understanding where people are and how to communicate these things. So yeah…

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