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Programs Overview2024-04-22T19:25:26+01:00

Online Handstand Programs

by Handstand Factory

From unlocking your first handstand, feats of strength like the handstand press, to advanced handbalancing like the one-arm, follow proven training routines that build the strength, flexibility and coordination for handbalancing.  Written by renowned coaches Emmet Louis and Mikael Kristiansen, join the thousands handbalancers who’ve leveled up their handstands with Handstand Factory.

Our Online Programs are one-time purchase complete packages with video tutorials, lectures, written reference material, self assessment modules, and progressive program templates. They contain all the knowledge and resources you’ll need to autonomously train towards your handstand goals.


Freestanding, Straight Handstand

The basic syllabus of Push leads you from the total beginner to the point where you can confidently and safely balance on your hands. Learn to free-balance with our many rebalancing drills and gain a theoretical and practical understanding of the alignment of the straight handstand.
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113 Page Manual | 43 Videos

6-12 Months of Programmed Training

Shoulder and Pike Flexibility Modules

Forum Support | Lifetime Access


Find Your Balance

Kick-Up is is designed to help you catch your balance consistently when kicking up into a handstand.  Mastering the kick-up allows you to get much more out of your handstand training by avoiding fatigue from ‘false-starts’ and instead devoting energy to longer handstand holds.  Our program breaks the motion down into component parts where you’ll build strength and coordination.  Then you’ll recombine them with newfound control into a perfect kick-up.
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34 PDF Manual | 13 Videos

60 Days of Programmed Training

Added Flexibility Components

Lifetime Access

Low Balance

Intro to Handbalancing

Low balance constitutes an accessible pathway into the world of handbalancing with the crow, crane, crocodile, side crocodile and headstand.  Each position teaches you about various aspects of handbalancing, and develops a degree of strength and understanding which will help you significantly if you should choose to go further with your practice or learn the freestanding handstand.
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30 Page Manual | 7 Videos

Beginner to Advanced Programs

6 Months of Programming

Forum Support | Lifetime Access


The 60 Second Handstand

The Hold program is designed to build up your straight handstand hold to the coveted 60 second handstand. We do this by focusing on the strength and endurance specific to the straight handstand while simultaneously introducing a variety of rebalancing strategies that keep you on your hands for longer. Doing so builds up your work capacity, body awareness and your save options.
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49 Page Manual | 18 Videos

4 Months of Programmed Training

Supplemental Weak Link Routines

Lifetime Access

Keep Pushing

Intermediate Handstand Shapes

This program expands upon the foundational strength & skill developed in Push and starts developing coordinative capacities. It is designed to take you from a rather comfortable, straight two arm handstand to finding, and sticking, the basic shapes of handbalancing: Tuck, Straddle and Pike, and moving between them.
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91 Page Manual | 25 Videos

7-12 Months of Programmed Training

Endurance Building Module

Forum Support | Lifetime Access


Straddle, Pike and Stalder Press to Handstand

The Press program is essentially separated into two parts; standing pressing and low pressing. The standing press takes you from a standing position to a handstand through either a straddle or a pike, while the low press goes from an L-sit or a straddle L-sit to standing, and then further to handstand.
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106 Page Manual | 40 Videos

12-18 Months of Programmed Training

Pancake and Pike Flexibility Modules

Forum Support | Lifetime Access


Advanced Basics

This program will add variety and challenge to your training with handstand walking, blocks and canes training, and head movements while inverted. It will also lay the foundation to pursue advanced handbalancing like the one-arm or for performing.  The Expand program is easily trained alongside our other programs, and doing so will fast-track your progress through improving the breadth of your skills and creativity.
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70 Page Manual | 23 Videos

Incorporates into your current practice

3 Skill Modules

Forum Support | Lifetime Access


The Mexican Handstand

Bend teaches the Mexican Handstand, also known as the hollowback handstand, and its variations. This program covers how to develop the strength and flexibility in your backbend and then teach your body to access it while handbalancing to accomplish this challenging but rewarding skill.
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60 Page Manual | 26 Videos

8-12 Months of Programmed Training

Backbend Modules and Variations

Forum Support | Lifetime Access

The American

Welcome to Freedom

Learn to handstand the AMERICAN WAY!

Discover the classic handstand shape favored by historic handbalancers such as the great Paulinetti, bent in the back as much as possible! Here, no line is curved enough and the arch of the back is celebrated in all of its glory.
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PDF Manual | 5 Videos

Structured Training

Freedom from Dogma

Lifetime Access


Freestanding Handstand Push-Up

The HSPU program is designed to teach you the full range, freestanding handstand push-up. It covers two major achievements; the first being the freestanding handstand push up on the floor, and the second the full range of motion HSPU.
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70 Page Manual | 25 Videos

8-12 Months of Programmed Training

Strength Training Modules

Forum Support | Lifetime Access

Push Harder

Straddle One-Arm Handstand

Push Harder is the beginning of one-arm balancing. You will gain a technical understanding of the mechanics of the straddle one-arm handstand and the sidesplit, and learn how to program your own training and build an independent, individual handbalancing practice.
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55 Page Manual | 36 Videos

12-18 Months of Programmed Training

Side Splits Flexibility Module

Forum Support | Lifetime Access

One-Arm Shapes

Advanced OAHS Shapes

The One-Arm Shapes program provides a guide to evolving your straddle one-arm handstand into a variety of classic shapes including: the diamond, half straddle, legs together, one leg bent, tuck and twisting one-arm handstands. Dive deep into advanced handbalancing with our exposition on technique and training methodology in this online program.
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47 Page Manual | 21 Videos

Continuous programming – refine and learn new shapes and transitions

Forum Support | Lifetime Access


Forearm Conditioning for Handstands

While the time spent on the hands is enough stimulus to develop the specific strength and physical adaptation needed for handbalancing, we risk overloading and exceeding capacity if we add a conditioning program that uses the same planes as the main work. The Grip program aims to condition all other planes of the forearms, creating resilience for training.
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30 Page Manual | 3 Videos

8 Weeks of Programmed Training

2 Conditioning Phases

Forum Support | Lifetime Access


A lifetime’s worth of handbalancing!

Unlock multiple Handstand Factory Programs together at a discount, and combine training routines to meet your handbalancing goals more quickly!

Original price was: €1,535.Current price is: €1,151.Add to cart

A lifetime’s worth of handbalancing!

Unlock multiple Handstand Factory Programs together at a discount, and combine training routines to meet your handbalancing goals more quickly!

Original price was: €1,535.Current price is: €1,151.Add to cart

Here is an overview of the Handstand Factory programs and how they build upon each other. The Handstand Factory can be started from any program, so long as the basics you bring with you are strong enough and meet the prerequisites outlined below.

Included In Our Programs

    Watch and rewatch the exercise explanations, demos and technical lectures at your own pace.

    Full of theory, advice and detailed explanations of every exercise. Included as a PDF download.

    Flexibility or strength-training modules are included to condition your body for the demands of the programs.

    Step-by-step program templates are included, with guided advancement.

    Our full programs include access to a private forum where you can ask for form checks, training advice and discuss your training with other HSF members.


Have Questions? Check our Programs FAQ for more details.

Physical Prep Grip
Beginner Push | Low Balance | Kick-Up | The American
 Intermediate Hold | Keep Pushing | Expand | Bend
Advanced Push Harder | One-Arm Shapes
Strength Press | HSPU

Program Levels

Programs FAQ

This program is great, but I need personal guidance. Where do I find online coaching with Emmet or Mikael?2021-01-30T04:48:03+00:00

Both Emmet and Mikael offer online coaching, which would entail an individually tailored program and ongoing training support.

For information about Emmets online coaching, please see his website here. For information about Mikaels online coaching, please see his website here.


Is there a possibility of learning in person with Emmet and Mikael?2021-01-30T04:46:16+00:00

Both Emmet and Mikael teach international seminars on flexibility and handbalancing respectively, as well as Handstand Factory intensives together. For upcoming Handstand Factory intensives, please click here. Their upcoming solo events are listed on their respective websites.

If you would like to arrange a seminar in your facility or near you, please contact Elise through our contact form.

If and when can I return the program and get a refund?2021-01-30T04:42:59+00:00

We have put a lot of time and effort into making these programs available. We have made every attempt at being transparent about the programs prerequisites and content, and trust that you stand behind your decision to sign up for The Handstand Factory.

With products that become immediately available upon purchase, we are unable to give you a refund after you have completed payment and accessed the program.

For these reasons we do not give refunds after the program has been purchased, viewed or otherwise accessed. We do, however, put great value on your feedback, so please make sure to contact us for any constructive feedback on The Handstand Factory.

More information on cancellation and refunds can be seen in our terms and conditions.

My payment is not processing, what do I do?2021-01-30T04:41:57+00:00

If you have any difficulties signing up for Handstand Factory, please contact us here for assistance.

If the program is updated, will I have to repurchase?2021-01-30T04:41:00+00:00

No, if we update any of our Handstand Factory Programs, the updates will automatically become available for you to use in your account. This does not apply to any future modules of The Handstand Factory, they will become available separately.

Is there any ongoing costs to training the Handstand Factory?2021-01-30T04:38:27+00:00

No, the Handstand Factory courses are one payment only programs. You buy it, you use it. If new programs are added to Handstand Factory, these will be up for sale on the website separately.

What happens if I forget my password?2021-01-30T04:37:49+00:00

There is the option to reset your password if you do lose it. Just click the option to reset password at the log in, you will then get sent a reset password email.

How long can I keep my access to the programs after purchasing?2021-01-30T04:37:06+00:00

Until the internet breaks. That is, once you have bought any of our programs it is yours to use, with no expiration date.

For how long will I be able to train with the different programs?2021-01-30T04:35:51+00:00

There is no one fits all answer to this one. It entirely depends on your body type, your lifestyle, the time you put in and a zillion other factors. Just be aware that these programs are not designed to be graduated within a few months, they will rather be guiding you through learning how your body reacts to handbalancing and flexibility training over a few years.

Best is to not to care how long it takes, just trust the process and do the thing. You’ll get there eventually. Probably faster so if you don’t care and just enjoy the process.

My English isn’t great, can I still do the programs?2021-01-30T04:35:21+00:00

The videos and text in the Handstand Factory programs are currently in English only. However, you will be able to play and replay the videos as often as you need to fully grasp their content, and all important points are summarised in an accompanying manual.

Where can I ask questions and get training support while training the Handstand Factory programs?2021-01-30T04:34:51+00:00

Upon signing up for the Handstand Factory, we will be able to access a private subreddit forum through your program menu. There you can discuss the training with fellow Handstand Factory students.

However, please note that this program is designed as an autonomous training program which is meant to guide you in your own exploration of training handstands and flexibility.

Will I always need internet access to follow the training properly?2021-01-30T04:33:30+00:00

No, you don’t. You will, however, need internet access to sign up, watch and rewatch the videos. For your day to day training, Emmet and Mikael have drafted a training manual with all programming, and some pointers for the exercises. Download it to your phone, or print it, and you can bring it to the gym, park, wherever you train.

What space and equipment will I need to properly train these programs?2021-01-30T04:32:58+00:00

These programs are designed to be used on the road just as well as in your local gym. All you need is open space for balancing, a free wall to train at, and the odd weight here or there for the flexibility training. (Hint – different sized water bottles make for great weights while traveling).

Can I combine training the Handstand Factory programs with other training?2021-02-02T16:02:57+00:00

Technically yes, but it depends. Mostly, it depends on the time (both training and recovery time) you have available. If you have all day to train your various disciplines and full nights to sleep and recover, then yes, you can easily integrate this program into your normal training schedule. If you have time constraints such as work, a family and/or other commitments, choose your training wisely.

It also depends on your other training. Are you prepping for a competition? On a special diet? Training too much? Sleeping too little? Keep in mind that many things factor into this fickle art of balancing. As Emmet likes to say: every person is an N=1 experiment – figure out what works for you, and if something doesn’t, adjust.

How much time a week will I have to commit to the Handstand Factory training?2021-01-30T04:30:58+00:00

If you are at a point where you want to fully commit to handstand training, you need to know that handbalancing isn’t learned by just training once in a while. Accordingly, these programs will not make sense if you cannot commit to training at least 3-4 handbalancing sessions a week (depending on which level you have/which program you are using). Even with basic two arm handstand training, consistency is important. Once you move on to one arm balancing, doing a session once or twice every few weeks will just not work to achieve a comfortable one arm handstand in any reasonable timeframe. Know your goals, set your training schedule and manage your expectations accordingly.

Please note that this FAQ is to be read as guidance only. A full overview of terms and conditions can be found in our terms and conditions.

Any Unanswered Questions?

If you have any questions that are not covered in our FAQ section above, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We will get back to you as soon as possible.