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Intensives Overview2021-03-12T16:20:29+00:00

Links Beginner & Intermediate Intensive Advanced Intensive Handbalancing
Ready to take your handstands to the next level? Learn more about our
week-long handbalancing and flexibility intensives for both beginners and
advanced practitioners taught by Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis!

Handbalancing Intensives

Ready to take your handstands to the next level? Learn more about our week-long handbalancing and flexibility intensives for both beginners and advanced practitioners taught by Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis!

Beginner and Intermediate Intensive
Advanced Intensive

Upcoming Intensives

Terms and Conditions Regarding COVID-19

With international travel restrictions changing rapidly, we understand it is difficult to plan ahead. To shed some light on our terms regarding Covid-19, please read our following measures to ensure a safe and fair handling of the global situation. Planning travel amidst Covid-19 is full of questions, and we will do our best to handle all coming changes in restrictions, travel and health advice as fair as possible. First of all, we ask everyone planning to attend to check with your travel insurance beforehand, in which cases you would be able to claim a refund of the intensive fee, as well as your travel costs. In regards to our own policy, we will refund the full course fee if a) you are unable to travel due to travel restrictions. This does NOT include a possible quarantine upon return to your home country – please factor this in to your travel plans. or b) due to medical conditions (such as Covid), or restricting your movements due to a close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case. For this, we will ask for proof of the restrictions in place/a letter from your doctor or similar, as well as a letter from your insurance if they do not refund the intensive fee. We cannot offer any refunds on travel costs. If you cannot attend the intensive due to a cancelled flight, we ask you to rebook your travel (your travel insurance should cover this), as we will not be able to refund your course fee because of this. In case we have to cancel due to restrictions regarding Antalya, all course fees will of course be refunded. For this reason, we also ask you not to book your travel until closer to date, when we send out full confirmation of the events. However, for our April 2021 intensives we have surpassed minimum numbers, and are confident we will go ahead so long as Covid doesn’t get in the way short-notice. At the intensive itself, we will have all health and safety regulations in place, as well as a max. of 2 people per room. We will also ask everyone attending to take as much care as possible before the intensive, to ensure a safe and fun environment. We will be sending out further information on the measures we are taking onsite to all those attending.

See All Terms & Conditions

Intensive FAQ

Are there discounts on Handstand Factory intensives?2021-01-30T04:14:10+00:00

Yes, we have a few extraordinary circumstances where discounts apply. For one, we have the repeater discount for those that have previously attended one of our Handstand Factory intensives – The repeater discount gives you 200€ off the full retreat price. To avail of this, please contact us!

We also have the double bill discount for those who wish to attend both intensives in a row, which is basically the repeater discount just applied to both intensives, resulting in a total of 400€ off the full price! Again, to see whether you are eligible to take part in both retreats please email us to discuss.

Can I do both intensives in a row, and if so, is there a discount?2021-01-30T04:12:38+00:00

Yes, you can book both Handstand Factory Intensives together with a considerable double bill discount: if you join us for two weeks and both intensives, you get 200€ off each retreat, so a 400€ discount in total.

This option is only suitable for advanced practitioners and/or coaches looking to refine and solidify their basics and gain a deeper understanding of teaching beginners and intermediate handbalancers in the first week, as well as working on their own technique and towards one arm handstands, stalder presses and other advanced balancing in the second week.

If you are interested in booking both intensives together, please get in touch here.

Can I make use of a payment plan?2021-01-30T04:11:09+00:00

Yes of course, we have three payment options. You can either pay the retreat price in full, pay half now and half later, or sign up with a deposit and then pay in three further installments. You can select the payment type when purchasing your ticket.

Is there a discount if I want to buy the relevant Handstand Factory program to go with the intensive?2021-01-30T04:09:00+00:00

As the Handstand Factory intensives are designed to go deeper into the material of the programs, you can only sign up if you are already training one of the Handstand Factory online programs. However, if you want to join us at the intensive and are only starting your chosen online program now, we are happy to give you a discount on a program after you’ve signed up to the intensive. Just contact us and we’ll take it from there!

Do you serve alcohol and/or chocolate?2021-01-30T04:06:56+00:00

Alcohol is not included in the catering for this intensive. However, there is a snack fridge in the living room which you can raid in exchange for an honesty payment system, which includes wine, beer and lots of chocolate and other snacks.

Do I need to bring a travel adaptor?2021-01-30T04:06:14+00:00

The plugs at Tadah are the 2 round pin style ones like in Europe, so make sure you have the right adaptor with you to use the electricity plugs around Tadah.

Can I book a single room?2021-01-30T04:05:45+00:00

No, we do not offer private accommodation at the Handstand Factory intensives. Instead, people stay in the beautifully crafted dorms of Tadah Artist Habitat. The dorms are large and very comfortable, with enough space to store your luggage and training gear. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss other options.

If I join the intensives in Turkey, will I be seeing any of the local sights?2021-01-30T04:05:05+00:00

While the main focus of the intensives is, of course, our handbalancing and flexibility training, we also make sure that the week is well balanced in all ways! We organise excursions during the week in order to make sure that your wrists and shoulders get a rest, but also so that you don’t leave without seeing the beauty of Antalya. We’ll have one excursion to the beach, which is located a short drive away, on the edge of the historical Turkish village of Side and surrounded by ancient ruins. You can either lounge at the beach, visit Side, or do both! We will also visit an ancient ruin city, followed by dinner and swimming at a lake. Our hosts at @tadahartisthabitat always look after us, and make sure we have the best experience possible ❤️

I have specific dietary requirements. Will they be accommodated?2021-01-30T04:02:39+00:00

Yes, the amazing kitchen fairies at Tadah are able to accommodate most dietary needs. You will have the option to choose between a vegan, vegetarian and a meat including menu, as well as specifying any intolerances or dietary needs. For this, we send out a quick survey before the intensives which gives you the opportunity to let us know about any food requirements or allergies you might have. At the event itself, the food is clearly labelled.

How will I get from the airport to Tadah?2021-01-30T03:59:49+00:00

After you have made your way to Antalya airport, we will be taking care of anything after that! This means that transfers from and to Antalya airport will be organised for you, and you will be picked up in groups. You will just need to make sure to let us know your arrival and departure details via the survey we will send to you upon your signing up. We will then set the transfer times according to everyones travel times. The pick up schedule will be sent out before your arrival, and will include all the necessary information and contact numbers to make your trip as smooth as possible.

When should I arrange to arrive and depart to Antalya Airport?2021-01-30T03:58:49+00:00

The first and last dates of the intensives are arrival/departure days, on which we will be organising transfers between Antalya Airport and Tadah. As a rough guide, we will have a first little get together around 6.30pm, and dinner afterwards on the arrival day, as well as a final breakfast together on the departure day.


Can I use the training hall outside of class times?2021-01-30T03:57:33+00:00

Yes, the training hall at Tadah is open 24/7. Apart from the regular jamming in the evenings, where attendees either revise the days input, catch up on their own training, or try new things such as juggling or aerial, you can also dip in for some quiet practice before breakfast or in between sessions. The jams have turned out to be some of the favourite parts of the week, as we tend to gather quite a diverse group of practitioners from different backgrounds and disciplines.

How much training will there be?2021-01-30T03:56:50+00:00

Over the last years, we have perfected the amount of handstand and flexibility training and input we dispense over the week. Each day is different, and as such we couple the physically more challenging days with excursions and down time to make sure the information can be optimally digested. However, since the group can be diverse in terms of training capacity, there is always room for extra training and guidance in the evening sessions, just as there is the freedom for newer people to respect their bodies limits and sit back to take notes if training gets too intense.

Do Handstand Factory intensives correlate with the Handstand Factory programs?2021-01-30T00:43:28+00:00

Yes, they do. The Push intensive is for beginner and intermediate handbalancers, and so is for those training the Push, Keep Pushing and Press Programs. As such, it will cover, and expand upon, the material of those three programs. For the Push Harder intensive for advanced handbalancers, the corresponding program is the Push Harder program for the one arm handstand. Practitioners will also be likely to be working on the Stalder section of the Press program.

I feel like I am intermediate, so between beginner and advanced. Which intensive should I choose?2021-01-30T00:40:51+00:00

The easiest would be to see which program you are training, and then choose the relevant intensive based on that (see question above). You are very unlikely to get bored or overwhelmed at our intensives, as the groups are small and tutoring is very individual. But making sure you are in the right group ensures you get the most out of the week of training. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us via the reddit forum, and include some recent clips of your training.

Do I have to be training one of the Handstand Factory programs to attend an intensive?2021-02-02T16:04:44+00:00

Yes, the Handstand Factory intensives are an opportunity for those training the online programs to dive deeper into the material. The fact that you will have already learned a lot from the respective online programs means that we can take the training a lot further than would be possible if you had no prior exposure to Emmet and Mikael’s teaching styles. However, if you want to sign up to the intensive, there is usually enough time to study the correlating online program before the intensive starts. If you are unsure which program to train, have a look here.

Can I also take park if my english isn’t super fluent?2021-01-30T00:36:05+00:00

This is super personal. Most of our attendees over the last years did not have English as their first language, and it has never posed a problem. Both the learning and the socialising aspects can be adapted to accommodate mild language barriers, and it is never a problem to ask further questions.

How many people will take park in Handstand Factory intensives?2021-01-30T00:33:31+00:00

We take a maximum of 16 sign ups per intensive, which means there are, at most, 20 people in the space during training. This ensures quality of teaching as well as enough space in the common areas and dorms to fit everyone comfortably. We run a waiting list for spots on the intensives as soon as they are fully booked, so if you have not been able to get a spot please get in touch to be put on the waiting list in case something frees up for you!

Please note that this FAQ is to be read as guidance only. A full overview of terms and conditions can be found in our terms and conditions.

Any Unanswered Questions?

If you have any questions that are not covered in our FAQ section above, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We will get back to you as soon as possible.