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Are Your Ready For The One-Arm Handstand?

Most people understand it requires quite some experience before it's worth working on, but it can be confusing to know what aspects matter the most. Here are our requirements and recommendations, based on our experience coaching hundreds of people to one-arm handstand,

Are Your Ready For The One-Arm Handstand?2023-09-29T18:49:31+01:00

Head Position for Handstands

Head positioning in handstands can vary greatly and still lead to a good handstand. But when leveraged consciously, it can become a useful tool to improve your balance, create aesthetic shapes, and build strength towards high level handbalancing skills.

Head Position for Handstands2021-06-10T19:34:03+01:00

Training Rituals for Better Handstands

Here's some simple ideas that can help bring more consistency to your handstands day-to-day. You can think of these as rituals, bringing you into the mindset and preparing the environment for an ideal session.

Training Rituals for Better Handstands2021-04-24T00:19:20+01:00

Hand Position for Handstands

Hand positioning for handstands is largely a personal preference, but if you are working towards specific handbalancing skills, playing with variations in your stance and grip will be necessary, and maybe even reveal your optimal hand positioning.

Hand Position for Handstands2023-06-19T16:41:26+01:00

Building Handstand Endurance

There is nuance to improving your handstand hold time, mainly in two areas, specific upper body strength and balancing skills. And while key to longer handstand holds is better endurance and strength, building that strength doesn’t have to be boring.

Building Handstand Endurance2021-02-05T03:21:12+00:00

Elbows in Handstands

The elbow has a lot of genetic variation which leads to different form compensations to find a good handstand hold. Combine this with the load-bearing demands from handbalancing, elbows can be prone to overtraining or injured. We have advice on how to address your arms’ anatomical quirks and tried-and-true injury prevention measures for your elbows.

Elbows in Handstands2024-05-24T14:02:06+01:00