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Philosophy & Mindset

Handstands as an Awareness Practice

What if we were to take the technical points of meditation traditions and apply them to our beloved handstand? Then we really do have a vehicle of awareness.

Handstands as an Awareness Practice2023-01-05T16:01:39+00:00

Training Rituals for Better Handstands

Here's some simple ideas that can help bring more consistency to your handstands day-to-day. You can think of these as rituals, bringing you into the mindset and preparing the environment for an ideal session.

Training Rituals for Better Handstands2021-04-24T00:19:20+01:00

What are the Benefits of Training Handstands?

Incorporating a handstand practice into your fitness routine can yield a variety of the physical, mental, and personal benefits, beyond what traditional physical conditioning can do alone.

What are the Benefits of Training Handstands?2021-01-05T17:51:30+00:00