Why learn a handstand?

The Handstand itself is an achievement for anyone to attain, but peoples motives for learning this complex skill vary greatly. Handbalancing itself has changed in recent years from something only done in gymnastics or circus performances into something you'll find people doing in CrossFit gyms, yoga studios, dance classes, beaches and parks around the world. As such, it is not just a technical skill, it can be a creative and social outlet, depending on how you approach it.

Although our background is in circus, the core concepts of handbalancing are true for any discipline and we've made sure that the way we present our material makes this information accessible, and useful, to anyone in any community and that you will be able to implement this training into your personal practice.

Most people spend years and years attempting to finally balance a handstand. Having a proper training structure and tuition will save you years of unnecessary frustration, and make the necessary grind for this skill so much more bearable. With the accompanying flexibility components tailored to each handbalancing skill level, each program contains everything you need to progress through the skill tree at your own pace.

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