Finally - we are opening registrations for our 2nd Handstand Factory - Push Harder retreat! It’s a 7 day advanced handbalancing and flexibility retreat in Turkey with Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis, based on and open for students of the Push Harder online course. It will be taking place from the 14th to the 21st of September 2019.

Since the launch of the program, we have been overwhelmed with the positive response from you guys, and the progress already made. To deepen your practice, meet your fellow Handstand Factory students (and us) in person, and spending a week immersed in full training, we are excited to invite you to the Push Harder retreat in Tadah Artist Habitat, Antalya.

In line with the Push Harder programs level, the focus of the retreat will be on advanced practitioners in their handbalance training. The week will be centred around training for, achieving, or progressing your straddle one arm handstand. If you have a solid straddle one arm, there will be time and space to work on progressing to other one arm forms, and switching smoothly between them. Along with the handbalance training, we will be spending a lot of time on learning about flexibility to aid you in your handbalancing practice.

This retreat is open to students of the Handstand Factory - Push Harder program! If you have used the program for a minimum of four weeks, and feel like it is appropriate to your level, come join us! Haven’t started the program yet? Sign up!

Entry requirements

In order to get the most out of this retreat, you should be able to have a comfortable 45 – 60 second handstand, as well as feeling very comfortable with all different shapes on two arms (tuck, straddle etc) and moving between them. Being able to do a straddle press would be advantageous as well. If you are unsure about your level or whether the Beginner/Intermediate retreat might be a better fit, please get in touch at

The retreat itself will be taking place in Turkey from the 14th to the 21st of September 2018. Set amidst the beautiful countryside of Antalya, we will be spending 7 days training handstands and flexibility in Tadah - Artist Habitat. There will be 2 - 3 training sessions with Emmet and Mikael a day, along with some free training time and fun excursions.

Concepts and skills covered over the week:

  • Going deeper into the material of the four sections of the Push Harder program: Head in, Flagging, Block Walking and the actual one arm handstand

  • Going into depth on the flexibility section of the program, mainly working on side splits but also covering the main principles of the flexibility training we use to gain any flexibility position such as front splits, bridge and deeper backbending, strengthening for mexican handstands as well as pancake, going from base levels of flexibility all the way to working on oversplits and overpancake

  • Adding layers of progression to the above sections, and getting a better understanding of what you need to work on

  • Active prehab, rehab and recovery, mainly for shoulders, wrists and elbows

  • Daily Q&A’s on the day’s material to fully grasp and integrate it in your future training

  • One big lecture at the end on programming, smart training with a final Q&A

If you would like to join us on this very special event, we would ask you to register as soon as you know you can make it as numbers are super limited! All details about the retreat can be found below, along with details on how to register.

Below is a review of last years retreat from Sonja Smith at Handstand Diary. IG: @handstanddiary


This stunning retreat centre is based in beautiful Antalya in Turkey and will be our home for the week. A safe, beautiful and calm environment for you to concentrate on what our focus for the week is. The beach is located a short drive away, on the edge of the historical Turkish village of Side and surrounded by ancient ruins... the water colour alone is one of the many reasons to visit during your stay!

The gorgeous studio space we will be using has 12.6m by 7.9m floor space with a specialised dance floor and is surrounded by glass walls. It is open 24 hours! Have a walk around Tadah here.


You will be staying in the beautifully crafted dorms at Till and Deniz’s Artist Habitat a.k.a. TADAH. Attention to detail of this location is amazing, plus nearly all the building materials were up-cycled. Beds made of beautiful reclaimed wood, the toilet doors used to be on hotel rooms, the glass walls of the training space were originally hotel fridge doors. Essentially, they have turned what would be wasted into a haven for us to play ittn!!

Between classes there is the option to swim in the natural pool, lie on the sun deck, get a tour around the permaculture gardens, borrow a bike and ride to the local market (20mins)/beach (30mins) or chat with new friends in the many communal areas.

TADAH also has a beautiful natural pool. Cleaned by the fish that live in the pool there’s no need for chlorine... it’s akin to having a private swimming lake. Tucked away to the side of the pool, is a sauna. The sauna will be fired up on one evening of the event (included in cost).


This retreat is fully catered with 3 meals a day plus snacks. You will have the option to choose between avegan, vegetarian and a meat including menu, as well as specifying any intolerances or dietary needs.

You will notice strong Turkish and German influences in the food, but all with a very original twist. A lot of the food comes direct from TADAH’s own organic permaculture gardens!


One afternoon trip (food provided) to the beautiful local areas will be factored into the schedule for the week. We have not decided where to yet as there are so many beautiful places to choose from; including the beach, stunning canyons or a nice hike! In one location there is a walk down into the canyon with the option to swim in the crystal clear (and cold) waters for the brave! In another location we could hike/climb up to an 11th century castle on a hill.

Don’t worry, you can bypass the adventuring and enjoy the sights from the bottom. The other trip will go to some ancient ruins, to have an epic photoshoot among the stunning scenery. Be it handstands, crazy splits or random poses, there are no limits to your creativity in creating some beautiful memories from our Handstand Factory retreat in Turkey! You can check out the location here.


While you will need to arrange your own flights to Antalya airport, transfers from and to Antalya airport will be organised for you. You will just need to make sure to let us know your arrival and departure details. Once you have signed up with the deposit, we will prompt you to send us all the information necessary.

Pricing and payment

The price for this Handstand Factory retreat is 1800€ total. This includes transfers from and to the venue, accommodation, food, and all excursions and training, as well as one free program, either the beginners or the intermediate one. The spaces are very limited, and are given on a first come first served basis. You can either pay the full amount in one go, or sign up with a 600€ deposit and then use a payment plan by paying 2 further instalments of 600€ each.

To register, please log in!

We are more than excited to have you join us on our 2nd Push Harder retreat!

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Emmet, Mikael + team