The Handstand Factory - Press program is an intermediate handbalancing online course by Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis, combining their knowledge on handbalancing and flexibility.

learn the straddle, pike and stalder press to handstand
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The Handstand Factory - Press program is an intermediate handbalancing online course by Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis, combining their knowledge on handbalancing and flexibility.

Learn all the press to handstand variations, online
How do we teach the press to handstand?

The Press program is designed to teach you the necessary strength, flexibility and coordination to achieve the straddle and pike press to handstand (basic), as well as the stalder press to handstand (advanced). Because of the tremendous flexibility component of this skill, we have included a large pike and pancake flexibility section in this program. We teach handbalancing using a technique that is expansive, it leads to a structure that is efficient and elegant and can be used to develop towards the higher level skills, for example the one arm handstand. The two arm handstand how it is taught in our PUSH program is the ideal basis for doing this Press program, but if you feel somewhat stable in a straight handstand, this course is for you.

The aim of this program is to give you a solid foundation and understanding of the mechanics of the press, as well as the relevant pancake and pike flexibility. This type of work also covers an in depth theoretical explanation of flexibility development in adults, as well as the type of strength work needed to progress to the more advaned pressing. The program consists of 35 videos covering all necessary skill, flexibility, coordination and strength components, and you will learn to find and select suitable exercises out of these and the accompanying manual, covering skillwork, conditioning and flexibility drills.

Starting requirements for the Press Program
Aimed at intermediate handbalancers looking to develop the basic and more advanced press to handstand variations

The Press Program is an intermediate level handbalancing course. It is, together with the Keep Pushing program, the next in the Handstand Factory syllabus after the PUSH course, and thus the starting requirements are a fairly solid freestanding handstand. This program can be done simultaneously with the Keep Pushing program.

While there are no physical entry requirements to this program, it does require you to be able to train in an autonomous, self directed manner. We have included all the explanations, step by step programming as well as in depth information about all the progressions, but it is you putting in the work and showing up for the training that will get you a solid, freestanding handstand.

Who's teaching?
Mikael Kristiansen &
Emmet Louis

Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis are both international teachers of handbalancing and flexibility and have spent big chunks of their lives studying and understanding all aspects of these skills professionally both as performers and teachers. With the Handstand Factory, they now want to demystify and simplify the process of learning handstands, and make it accessible to anyone wanting to learn to stand on their hands. To learn more about Handstand Factory, head over to our about page.

A glimpse into the Press Program
How does the Press Program look?

The Press program contains 40 instructional videos that thoroughly explain the theory and practice of the press to handstand. It begins with the standing straddle Press to handstand, covers the Pike press and finally takes you through learning the stalder press from the floor. The videos are broken up into manageable sections that clearly build upon each other. The Press program has an accompanying manual which you will be able to download as PDF, or view it in your browser. You will be able to use the manual to quickly read up on an exercise, or study it textbook style. This is the first four pages of the 55 page manual accompanying the Press program.

Online on desktop
or phone

The website is designed so that you can watch and rewatch the videos for each course on desktop, take notes, and fully immerse yourself in understanding the theory behind handbalancing training. At some point though, you're just going to have to scrap the theory and go do the thing - but don't worry, you can just take the videos and manuals with you and recheck things on the fly wherever you're training, the gym, the park, at the office... with the Handstand Factory mobile version, all you need is a floor and a wall!

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How long will I be using the Press program?

The aim of the press program is to give you all forms of the press to handstand, working through the straddle press, pike press, stalder and finally, L-sit press to Handstand. By the end of this, we'll have gotten you a flat pancake, too. Once all of these have been achieved then the press program could be considered complete. We do not put timeframes on this type of goal as it is entirely individual and of course depends largely on your starting point as well. This program will, however, address flexibility, strength and the coordination needed, so each of these components will receive as much attention in your training as they need.

Do I need to be flexible to start the Press program?

No way! The Press program has specific flexibility work for people at any level so that your flexibility will never be a limiting factor in your progress to the press to handstand. If you feel like the press to handstand is still a good bit away, you could begin working on the pike though, so by the time you begin this program your pancake will progress nicely.

I am strong but not flexible/I am flexible but not strong, can I do the Press program?

The Press program aims to work on both your strength and your flexibility at the same time, so that what-ever your limitation it can be effectively targeted and improved. The press handstand is a combined expression of both strength and flexibility and if you neglect either then you're making your journey much harder for yourself.

Do I need a training partner to do the press program?

Nope, the way that the Press program is designed means there is no need for a partner and that everything can be done independently. A press to handstand is impressive though, so you want people around when you do one ;) These frequently asked questions covers most queries in regards to the Handstand Factory Press program. For questions relating to purchasing the programs, technical support or general training questions, please head over to our general FAQ here. For our Terms and Conditions, go here.